Understanding The Five-Fold Ministry Gifts

There are many people who do not understand the various roles and responsibilities in the church. Since it is a part of our vision statement to assist people in understanding their God given roles and responsibilities, this was prepared to inform and equip you, our partner, and to strengthen your understanding in the dynamics of church relationships. In addition, this page was made to connect you to those working within these roles within our ministry. Shiloh Restoration Tabernacle, Inc. is an Apostolic House supported by the Apostolic Gifts.

The Apostle

An Apostle / Bishop is a visionary and overseer, one who receives the blue-print from God concerning what course of action to take. A father, a guide, an example, the first among equals one who implements the vision from God, delegates assignments to other offices within the ministry and releases mantles on God appointed leadership. The Apostle / Bishop exemplifies the kingdom, and exhorts from the Kingdom frame of reference.

  • An Apostle / Bishop is apt to teach
  • The Apostle has a "natural care" for the CHURCHES
  • Raising up churches and establishing them in the kingdom paradigm.
  • An Overseer of churches, bringing edification, exhortation, correction and development of leaders
  • An Apostle / Bishop is required to be blameless, vigilant and sober minded, setting godly examples in private lives as well as public settings
  • Very Hospitable and approachable and one of good character
  • Extremely sensitive to the Holy Spirit
  • Is committed to the principles & patterns of Christ.

The Prophet

The prophetic office has a multi-facet purpose. The prophetic office works in total agreement and synergy with the apostle, pastor, teacher and the evangelist. The prophetic office carries no more weight or validity than the other four offices, but rather bears the same responsibility as the other offices for the edification of the church. The prophetic office like the other offices according to Ephesians 4:12 is for the perfecting of the saints.

  • The prophetic office is used to exhort, encourage and edify the body of Christ
  • The prophetic office understands the power of words and speaks the "right now" word from God.
  • The prophetic office is to bring confirmation of what God has already revealed
  • Prophetic office never exploits people nor does it operate out of presumption
  • The prophetic office is used to bring individuals in alignment with their God given assignment and purpose

The Pastor
A Pastor is apt to teach and can rightly divide the word of God. He or she is totally devoted to the overall well-being, development and furtherance of the congregation. A Pastor also enjoys being around the congregation (smelling like sheep), is touched by their infirmities, and is also very approachable.
  • A Pastor offers guidance and counsel
  • The Pastor is a lover and nurturer of people
  • Is an example in conduct and lifestyle to the body of Christ
  • Takes care of the local congregation

The Evangelist
The main role of the Evangelist is to win souls for Christ. The Evangelist goes out and shares the gospel of Jesus Christ to people where ever they are at. 
  • Studies and knows the word of God
  • Is most effective outside the four walls of the church
  • Is not intimidated or ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Is instant in season and ready for any question they may arise pertaining to the word of God.

The Teacher
The role of the Teacher is one of the least sought after ministries in the body, yet one of the most important in the body of Christ. The Teacher is very skilled in accurately dissecting the word of God. A Teacher is always eager to learn new things, love to be taught and does not withhold sharing wisdom and understanding with anyone who is open to receive. As the Teacher empty himself or herself to pour into others, God continually fills him or her with more insight and revelation. A Teacher is an essential part of the Body of Christ because he or she brings understanding and direction in application of the Word of God in our everyday life.
  • The teacher is extremely adaptive
  • The teacher is extremely sensitive in receiving direction from the Holy Spirit
  • Imparts wisdom and understanding through the Word of God into others
  • A Teacher is extremely committed to the transformation and development of God's people
  • The Teacher has a burning desire for the people to KNOW the truth, and not be moved by error.

The Elder
An Elder is a seasoned leader. One proven in sound doctrine. Is faithful and trustworthy over the affairs of the congregation and the ministry. Apt to teach share and minister the word of God. Has the authority and faith to pray for the sick and anoint them with oil according to James 5:14. Is an example to the congregation. One who rules his own house well. Elders are extensions of the Senior leader over a congregation.
  • Elders are examples of Christ like conduct and character for the body to pattern themselves after.
  • Elders are to lead in the "spirit" of the Senior Leader.
  • Elders are to assist in mediating minor issues in the body that should not require the attention of the Senior Leader.

The Deacon

A Deacon is responsible for the up keep and maintenance of the physical house of God. Is willing to serve where the need arises. Is of good character honest, trustworthy and faithful. Are examples to the body of Christ. One who rules his own house well. 

  • Deacons minister to the direct physical needs of the congregations
  • Deacons are to assist the "widows and orphans" of the church.
  • A Deacon must model self control.

The Mother
A Mother can be an elder lady in the church (1Timothy 5:2). One who is seasoned in the word of God. Always demonstrates love. Imparts wisdom and understanding into the younger women and men. Enjoys people. Is an example and well respected. Makes everyone feel special. Is genuinely concerned for the well-being of the congregation. A person of much prayer.
  • A mother is a nurturer and mentor for spiritual babes.

The Minister

A Minister of Gospel is one called to serve the people. One who is seasoned in the word of God. One who is teachable, trainable and example to the Body of Christ.

  • Possesses a sincere desire to fulfill the Great Commission. (Mark 16:15-16)
  • Must walk in integrity and Christ-like conduct at all times.
  • A Minister must be apt to teach/preach and to exhort when called upon to do so.

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